Flirt with men from United states

Ieškau Moteris Ilgalaikiai santykiai arba vedybos Houston Mloyd

lets get to know each other

Mloyd, 61 metai, Houston

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Ieškau Moteris Taftville Peter

Hit me girls

Peter, 31 metai, Taftville

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Ieškau Moteris Sacramento James Bonelli

I am looking for someone to spend the rest of my life with. I am very serious about finding that special someone. I hope to meet someone who is willing to come to the USA. I like the simple things in life. A good home, good food, and someone to share with. To me the most important thing in life is...

James Bonelli, 68 metai, Sacramento

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Ieškau Moteris Atsitiktinis romanas Wildomar Paul Albert

Live near Temecula, California

Paul Albert, 71 metai, Wildomar

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Ieškau Moteris Big Stone Gap Rob

I'm a down to earth, established, single guy with no ren. I work full time and own my own home in a fairly small community. In my spare time I like making furniture, working out and partying once in awhile. The woman that I'm looking for should be petite, very pretty, lives overseas and would like...

Rob, 47 metai, Big Stone Gap

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Ieškau Moteris Crystal River Piotr

Esu man, 35 metai, Ieškau woman Amžius nuo 21 iki 28

Piotr, 35 metai, Crystal River

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Ieškau Moteris Ilgalaikiai santykiai arba vedybos Davenport Travis K. Joyner

My name is Travis. I am 34 years old. Life without love is empty

Travis K. Joyner, 44 metai, Davenport

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Ieškau Moteris Long Beach Kenny Mosley

Hello, My name is Gregory A. Johnson and I am looking for a wife for the Pastor of my church. He is a Black Male. 35 years old. He is a great Christian, 5&#00398. Good shape. Partly balding on top (I suggest he cut it all off and go bald). Great speaker and leader who has a world view of things. I...

Kenny Mosley, 44 metai, Long Beach

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Ieškau Moteris Santykių tipas: Nesvarbu Decatur micheal

Hi, im speckodust, send me some mail and let's see where it goes. have a great day!!!

micheal, 63 metai, Decatur

Santykių tipas: Nesvarbu

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Ieškau Moteris Perth Amboy Nelson Alvarez

Esu man, 51 metai, Ieškau woman Amžius nuo 30 iki 45

Nelson Alvarez, 51 metai, Perth Amboy

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